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This post will be sharing five online side hustles you need to try for extra income.

Ever since I joined the internet almost a decade ago, I’ve tried various ways to make money. In fact, coming online during my undergraduate days easily deterred me from my initial career path. But because I had started making money with my skills online, I was convinced to switch career paths. 9 years later, I’m still here and making money online. Over the course of my life, I’ve tried various side hustles which sometimes graduated into full-time jobs for me. Some of my online jobs/side hustles include;

  • Blogger
  • Content Writer
  • Digital Marketing Agency Founder
  • Online Consultant
  • Ebay Seller
  • Fiver Seller to mention a few.

Most of my jobs are centred around my digital marketing business which kickstarted my career. So, while I have professional digital marketing skills, I’m always on the lookout for great online side hustles I can add for extra income. I look out for side hustles that are don’t require too much effort from my end.

Here Are Five Online Side Hustles Worth The Time & Effort

When choosing online side hustles, especially as a beginner, it is important to start out with marketplaces and/or social media networks. This is because these platforms already have established audiences that you can leverage to make money. Compared to starting a blog where you have to build your audience completely from the scratch, these platforms make it a tad bit easier. You just need to access your skills and determine the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put in to make money.

With that being said, here are some online side hustles you should try;

Sell on eBay or Facebook Marketplace

This is one of my most recent side hustles. One day, I just woke up and decided to declutter my home of old and new hair products and any other thing I haven’t used in years. Thankfully, I already used eBay to buy stuff and get feedback in return so my account is that new. So, I listed a few products and before the end of the week, I got a sale. This motivated me to continue listing new skincare products that I have hanging around. In the end, certain products began to move faster than others.

So, if you have stuff lying around your house that could earn you some income, you need to get them on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Personally, I prefer the former. After selling off all your unused items, you can progress by becoming an eBay reseller. This is where you buy stuff that you have researched will move quickly in small quantities and resell for a profit. Selling on eBay is a great way to test your hands in eCommerce before starting your brand.

Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

I know some of us women love to spend endless hours upon hours on Pinterest. I used to before I switched to Pinterest for Business. But did you know that you could make money via Affiliate Marketing by creating pins and pinning on Pinterest? All you have to do is to find and join affiliate programs that allow you to advertise on Pinterest. A handy tip is to create pins according to the seasons. For instance, if you want to make some money this Christmas, you need to start creating Christmas affiliate pins now. Use the free version of Canva to create click-worthy pins. Affiliate Marketing works by commissions so when someone buys a product through your pin, you get a percentage of that sale. Always look out for high ticket products with 15 – 20% commissions to make more money.

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Another side hustle I did briefly was becoming a Fiverr Seller. I looked across all my skillset to find skills that are in demand and I could monetize quickly. Then I went ahead to set up a Fiverr account and create low-cost gigs to build my clientele and increase my ratings. With the clients I got, I started to gradually increase my fees. While you could make use of the traffic from the Marketplace, you can also go ahead to advertise your gigs on social media to get orders quickly. I didn’t have any issues using the platform and the payout wasn’t bad at all. So, if you have service-based skills you can monetize, you need to check out Fiverr. Before you start, just make sure you do a bit of research to find skills that are in demand because Fiverr can be a bit saturated.

5 Online Side Hustles Worth Trying For Extra Income

Start a TikTok Account

Tiktok is currently the only social media network where you can grow an audience organically quickly. This means that by simply being consistent and showing up every day, you can build an audience very quickly. Bonus point if you have a catchy personality. After building an audience you can go ahead and monetize through Amazon Affiliates or Influencer Program or any great affiliate program that is relevant to your niche. You can also combine that with brand partnerships. You need to research brands that are relevant to your niche and reach out to them for paid collaborations. It goes without saying that if you want to monetize your TikTok account from the onset, you need to have a strategy in place. Get great content, grow your audience and ensure they’re engaging enough and then reach out to brands if that is right up your alley.

Start a Blog

While starting a blog might not be the easiest side hustle as it requires an intermediate level of technical know-how and digital marketing skills, it is still one of my favourite side hustles. This is because it is easier to scale. It might start today as a side hustle but grow exponentially to become a full-time job or business. Plus, they’re endless ways you can monetize your blog but my favourites are the passive ways which are Ads. Followed closely by semi-passive streams such as Affiliate Marketing and Selling of Digital Products. So, if you have a personal financial plan for your life and you want to achieve financial freedom in the next 5-10 years, I suggest you start a blog. But I must warn you, blogging is a long-term game so brace yourself.

Create a Niche Facebook Group

Possibly one of my most successful side hustles is my Facebook Group. While it might not be a stand-alone side hustle as it is attached to my blog, I’m incredibly proud of it. My Facebook group has over 48,000 members and I make around $150 – $300 every month. This is asides from the daily traffic to my blog and subsequent ad income I get as well. So, do a bit of research, find a niche that is in demand that you can also easily monetize and create a group.

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In Conclusion,

There’s no better feeling than getting that extra income in between paydays. If you just need an extra income every month or you want to create your path to financial freedom, then you need online side hustles.