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This post will be sharing six decluttered items you can sell on eBay for cash.

After the new year celebrations, I suddenly got the urge to declutter my room. I started towards the end of 2021 but didn’t finish it. Anyway, I remembered that I had some outfits with tags that I hadn’t worn. Since I started my Gym Routine, I also remembered that I’d gained a bit of weight, so some of my clothes in excellent condition don’t fit anymore. After being so hesitant to give away these clothes, I finally bulged. So, I have a nice pile of clothes that I could sell.

I’ve made a decent income from selling and reselling on eBay as a side hustle in the last year. I casually started around July because I wanted to dip my toes into e-commerce without the commitment. So far, I’ve used eBay to sell both new and pre-owned items in excellent conditions, and I’ve made sales while at it. My latest hobby is to find a nice batch of unused and unwanted things to sell on eBay every two weeks. As someone with a moderate shopping habit that has accumulated stuff, I always do.

If you want to declutter your entire life, I suggest you start by educating yourself. Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is the perfect place to start.

In this post, I’ll share some of the things in your home that you can list on eBay and will sell.

Here are 6 Decluttered Items To Sell On eBay For Extra Cash

This is just a rough guide for some of the things I’ve sold. If you want to sell certain items, not on this list, you can always search eBay to find out if they have been sold in the past.

New Skincare Products

I have an unhealthy obsession with buying skincare products all the time, usually more than what I can use at a time. I’ve accumulated a nice stash that can expire if left for too long in a short while. Instead of getting rid of them or trying to rush through them, I sold a good portion of them on eBay. Sometimes, I add an extra fee to get some profit. Other times, I don’t. As long as I get back the money I bought it with initially, I’m good. So, if you have many new products, both face and body care or even excess toiletries, list them on eBay to declutter your home.

Unread Books

One of the first items I listed on eBay to sell was unread books. Unfortunately, I bought a pile of books before the first lockdown, hoping that I would get through them. After a year and I didn’t touch them, I decided to sell them because they took up too much space. Plus, it doesn’t help that I have an Audible subscription, so I practically don’t read physical books anymore. So, sort through your stash, separate the unique books you want to keep and sell the rest. No matter how unusual the book is, you’ll find someone to buy it.

New Clothes

While I’m not quite a fashionista, I sometimes buy clothes in advance which I end up not wearing. It’s so hard for me to look away from a great sale, but I’ve trying to build the discipline for that. To start with, I don’t buy clothes except I need to replace them or I need them immediately. In the light of these, I went through my clothes organized according to the seasons to find the new ones I never wore. More often than not, these clothes no longer fit. So, I’ve taken them out to take nice pictures of them, which I will be listing on eBay in the coming days.

6 Items You Can Declutter  To Sell On eBay For Cash

Preowned/Unused Gadgets

I’m far from being a minimalist, but I believe that any item you haven’t used at all in the last six to nine months should be gotten rid of. Except it is a seasonal item. Even at that, if you haven’t used that Christmas tree in the last two years because you got a new one along the way, get rid of the old one while it is still valuable. The same applies to gadgets. I never allow my gadgets to sit around for too long because I know the value can depreciate. So, once I upgrade them, I sell them off immediately. You should do the same as well. Not only are you getting some of your money back, but you’re also getting rid of clutter.

Pre-owned Clothes

Pre-owned clothes have a decent audience on eBay because a lot of people believe in sustainability and prefer to buy pre-owned clothes over new clothes. Also, if your clothes are name brands, they still have second-hand value and will sell on eBay. The bottom line is, if you have used clothes in excellent conditions, don’t discard them in the recycle bin just yet. Search for the brand on eBay and determine how many pieces have been sold. This will give you an idea of whether or not it is worth listing. Again, ensure that your clothes are in great condition. Wash and iron them properly before shipping them.

Excess Unused Items

As a result of being an AliExpress shopper, I have many excess items that I never get to use. This include but are not limited to kitchen organizers, sink drainers, hair and nail tools and extensions, to mention a few. This is why I take time to declutter my home to find things to sell. Yes, I admit, it has become a hobby, but I also love how clutter-free I feel after getting rid of something I wasn’t even using.

Tips for Listing & Selling On Ebay

  • Take clear photos for your pre-owned items. You want to show as many details as possible. You also need to be honest in the description. If your item is faulty or has a missed button, make it own.
  • For new items, your can take the exact photo(s) from the brand’s website.
  • Try not to overprice your items so they can move quickly.
  • Factor the eBay final value fees which is 12.8% into your pricing.
  • Re-use the packaging for your personal orders for eBay orders to cut-down costs.
  • Package all items properly to protect and prevent damage. Use kraft paper or bubble wraps where necessary.
  • Choose the cheapest shipping option to maximize profit.


If you’re looking for a new project to kick start the new year, this is the perfect one for you.